About Us

SHAANXI KINGSDER MACHINERY IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD.,located in XI’AN, CHINA, was founded by an experienced and reliable team in industrial driving field,aiming to serve high-steady quality products to all industries’ companies in long time.

Our main product is electric motor,including both AC and DC motors. For AC part, we have high voltage(YKK/YAKK/YRKK/YKS/Y/YPKK/YB/YBBP), medium voltage(YKK/YAKK/YRKK/ YKS/Y/YPKK/YB/YBBP) and low voltage categories(YE2/YE3/YE4/YE4/YBX3/YBBP/YVF2/TYP/Y/Y2/YR). For DC part, we have voltage range 160~950V and power range 1.5KW~2000KW (Z4/Z/ZKSL).

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